HyperChange on Cybertruck

Our boy Gali has a great video out on Cybertruck, and how big the market for this product could really be. His latest video, which featured “conspiracy theories” on a new glass battery design from John Goodenough, is also interesting to think about… but is mostly speculation. Pg 2 of the Dahn paper shows battery […]

Andrej Karpathy at PyTorch

Andrej Karpathy is a computer vision God. He leads the vision team at Tesla. He is responsible for writing the code that helps the car see what it needs to see to drive the car. Teaching the car to see requires advanced machine learning applied across a massive global fleet. This fleet is what makes […]

Permanent Mastodon Link

I added a permanent link at the top of this website to talk about Mastodon and how to join our server. Check it out if you haven’t yet, and let me know if I should make any edits to make it easier to understand. Read the New Page