Jim Chanos Not Amused at Gigafactory Progress; Blocks Account He Condecendingly Subtweeted Last Year

It all started in February, when famed short-seller Jim Chanos subtweeted Twitter user Domenick commenting on the progress of Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory. Chanos tweeted with a smug sense of superiority, as is usual for $TSLAQ accounts. Through his mocking and condecending tone he declared: We are smarter than you. We understand the auto industry, and […]

Russ Mitchell Admits Model 3 is Awesome

Happy thanksgiving everyone! There’s a lot to be thankful for, as $TSLAQ falls apart. We already heard that Jim Cramer is buying a Model X earlier this week. Now, even renowned Tesla-hater journalist Russ Mitchell is forced to admit: The Model 3 is one of “the best driving cars ever. […] Congrats to Tesla!” Not […]