A Postcard from Adam Jonas

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas sent this letter to clients while in Madrid this week: A Letter from Madrid Last night, I was walking briskly through the streets of Madrid’s Barrio de Salamanca to meet my father in law (Juan Luis) at a local bar to watch El Clasico (scoreless, but entertaining match… a moral […]

Jim Cramer: Why I Became a Tesla True Believer

Cramer has a new article out on his website The Street explaining why he’s become a Tesla bull. Here are some choice quotes: No one, though, is more charismatic than Elon Musk. No one. He’s about, as they say in law school and nowhere else, about as sui generis as you can get. He’s a […]

Jim Chanos Defends Short Selling

After Elon Musk tweeted that “short selling should be illegal”, famous short seller and $TSLAQ leader Jim Chanos took to Twitter to respond. According to Chanos, selling airline tickets and Full Self Driving packages are examples of short selling. Gotcha Elon! Of course, this justification makes absolutely no sense. Selling a plane ticket is just […]