Two Interviews

I was in two interviews that are live on YouTube now, if you want to watch them. One was with Warren Redlich, and the other was with Kimbal Musk and the Third Row crew. Warren Redlich Kimbal Musk Enjoy, let me know what you think!

Becoming a Third Row Guest

Quick announcement –– Last week I told the Third Row team I would transition from being a “host” of the podcast to being a “guest” or guest host on the podcast. What does this mean from a practical perspective? Not much. I don’t want to abandon the team and will likely still come on podcasts […]

Response to Frederic

My name is Omar Qazi, and I called Frederic Lambert a “complete piece of shit”. Do I regret my choice of words and choice of venue? Yes, very much so. I apologize sincerely to Frederic, and to my podcast team. But what can I say? At the time, it came from the heart. I own […]

We’ll be Interviewing Elon Musk

This morning, Tesla CEO Elon Musk agreed to come on the Third Row Tesla Podcast for a conversation with the community. And we’re going to hold you to that Elon! We’ll have more information as this story develops, but in the meantime: What would you ask Elon Musk if you had the chance? Asking for […]