Choice Moments from Aaron Greenspan’s Autobiography

Sun Tzu said “know your enemy”, so I read Aaron Greenspan’s autobiography. I learned a lot of interesting things about who he is and how he thinks. Here’s are some of the most interesting moments, clipped for you so you don’t have to read the whole book.

If you are up to it though, the whole book is a pretty hilarious read.

Aaron Greenspan on his Hair

Elementary School

Unleashing Anger on Mom

On Hatred of Everything

Early Coverage

Fraud in Elementary School Chatroom

Yeah, out of country on an undercover mission for three years. Totally. Don’t call me Aaron, I’ll call you.

How to never get laid

Meeting Harvard President Larry Summers

On Applying for Credit Cards

On Getting Bad Grades

Yer a wizard Aaron

On reactions to his hateful emails

On stealing Harvard students usernames and passwords

Turning down the opportunity to start Facebook with Mark Zuckerburg

On dating girls

Begging Zuckerburg for a job years after turning down the oppurtunity to be a founder

Calling the FBI… again

Seeing a girl use Facebook, he finally realizes Zuckerburg stole his idea

When Greenspan almost went to jail for stealing government documents after exploiting a security flaw

On meeting with Silicon Valley VCs

The sad story of a smart coder who failed time and time again because of his terrible social skills. He has never changed. He doesn’t know how to talk to people, only threaten them. That’s why he’ll always be a huge loser, in my opinion.

7 thoughts on “Choice Moments from Aaron Greenspan’s Autobiography

  1. Wow this is pretty bad. I can’t believe he told the girl NO to carrying her books lol so awkward. BTW, picked up our Model Y June 30 because of your posts. Best car ever, thanks for the FUD fighting!

  2. After reading this, I now think that he isn’t a sociopath (as I previously suspected), but rather just a bad case of Asperger’s. Not surprising really, given his brother’s classical autism, and the fact that autism spectrum disorders tend to run in the family…

    Unfortunately, Aaron seem to be of the obnoxious kind, who is convinced that his interpretation of everything is objective and universal; so anyone not abiding by his conclusions must be crossing him on purpose, and it’s his right to get back at them…

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