Steve Jobs is Dead

Boom. It’s me.

I wanted to give you all an update, since I know there have been many questions. Today I was notified by Twitter that my account @tesla_truth has been permanently suspended. I will not be allowed to use Twitter any longer, or create any new accounts. Here is the notification from Twitter at 6:22 PM today citing “multiple or repeat violations of the rules”

What were the violations?

Since my @tesla_truth Twitter account was focused on exposing a massive social media disinformation campaign orchestrated against Tesla, as well as posting real information about Tesla products, Tesla short sellers did not like me very much. A lot of untrue information about me, and the reasons why I was suspended are being spread and will continue to be spread. Please don’t believe unsubstantiated claims about me. Here is the real info on how $TSLAQ and Aaron Greenspan were able to get my account taken down.

Suspension #1: Immediately After Opening

I started the @tesla_truth Twitter handle on November 27, 2018 to refute the disinformation campaign orchestrated by a group of Tesla short sellers who called themselves “$TSLAQ”, noting their intent to bankrupt the company in order to make money betting against the stock.

After two days of tweeting, my account was suspended on the 29th of November 2018. I sent in an appeal, and one day later it was unsuspended on November 30 2018.

Suspension #2: Impersonation

The display name on my @tesla_truth account was “Steve Jobs”. The subject of the account was the importance of innovation, and as a funny sort of parody of the anonymous swarms of accounts posting negative information about Tesla, I thought it would be funny to post in character as Steve Jobs back from the dead to explain Tesla’s technology. I did not closely review the rules around parody accounts and $TSLAQ was able to have me suspended for impersonating Steve Jobs.

On July 3rd, I was notified that my account was permanently deleted and would not be restored for violating the rules against impersonation. This report was likely submitted by Aaron Greenspan.

After writing an appeal begging for my account back and explaining that it was a parody and not meant to deceive, Twitter allowed me to have my account back as long as I changed the name to “Steve Jobs’ Ghost” and changed the bio.

Suspension #3: Copyright on Aaron Greenspan’s Purple Shirt

Since January 2019, I have been stalked and harassed by a deranged Tesla short seller named Aaron Greenspan. At one point I tweeted a picture of Aaron that is shown many places on the internet, including in this blog post.

Aaron sent a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notice to Twitter demanding that they remove my profile header image, which was the top portion of the picture (showing the top of his head). I thought it was so funny that Aaron would bother to send a DMCA takedown notice that I posted two screenshots showing my profile before and after the copyright removal. I didn’t think a screenshot of the old violation constituted copyright infringement, but Aaron waited until the day before Tesla earnings and sent an email to Twitter asking them to remove both my @tesla_truth and personal accounts for repeated copyright violations. Twitter agreed, and suspended my account. I was able to get it back about 1 day later.

Suspension #4: Spam + Permanent Ban

One day after getting my account back for the copyright violation, I received a notice that my personal account and @tesla_truth account had been permanently banned due to “Spam”. The appeal email from Twitter said this was connected to the copyright case, so it seems clear that Aaron Greenspan submitted this complaint. It’s unclear what exactly the violation of the spam policy was, but things like posting from a different account while you’re suspended could fall under this policy. I appealed the suspension, but 7 days later (today) Twitter told me that after reviewing my appeal my account would not be restored. I will not be able to create a new account either.

What now?

Don’t worry about it. Getting off Twitter is actually kind of nice. The shorts are doomed either way, and you can subscribe to this blog if you still want to hear from me. There’s an email signup on the bottom of the page. And who knows, maybe Twitter will change their mind when they find out more about the situation

It’s clear that the Tesla short sellers have put a lot of effort into making sure you can’t hear from me. But their thesis is falling apart, and their fraud will be exposed. I’ll have a lot more to say later but for now I’ll be relaxing and enjoying my weekend. I just wanted to give you all an update on what happened now that I know that I am permanently banned from Twitter forever. Sad how the platform has been abused to become a propaganda tool for Tesla shorts.

I’ll miss you guys all a lot! The 11 months we had together on that account were great. Never forget what the Tesla short sellers did! If they can use Twitter to try and destroy Tesla, others will use Twitter to destroy America and destroy democracy.

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  1. Hi Omar! – Gulag Capital Partners here

    Absolutely incredible that something like this can happen in the USA – $TSLAQ and Twitter are absolutely deranged

  2. Hey 👋
    There you are!! Wondered what happened to you 🤔 don’t stay quiet! There is more then twit to have your voice heard! I def want yo follow you here!! Stay strong!

  3. Stay strong brother, truth will always prevail , and Tesla”s truth of a sustainable future will never be able to be silenced by arrogant unimaginative soon to be burnt to bankruptcy unethical short sellers, TeslaQ.

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